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Hannah was only 11 months old when her parents rushed her to the ER very late one night, unsure of what was wrong with their daughter. It was then and there that she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and their fear and confusion instantly turned to shock and disbelief. With their lives turned upside down, they struggled with the new reality of learning how to keep their toddler daughter alive. What they didn’t realize at the time was that Hannah had the tenacity and strength that would cause her to strive, not just survive.


As she grew from infancy to childhood, Hannah displayed a determination to do whatever she set her heart and mind to do, and typically no one was going to tell her otherwise. Hannah’s father often told her she would be a “CEO” or “entrepreneur” some day, as long as she, as he put it, used her powers for good.


On New Year’s Eve day 2016, as the family was traveling to Hannah’s favorite health and beauty store, her father turned to her and gave her a challenge. He said that he bet she could make the same products she wanted to buy in the store and even sell them herself. Challenge accepted!


That same day Hannah was researching the necessary ingredients and later that week she was making her first bath bombs (her favorite health and beauty product). Within a few weeks her products were selling in a local gift shop, and to date they are sold online and in retail outlets . She has donated over $7000 to various charities, and has committed to donate 10% of all web sales to JDRF.


Hannah calls her brand, BeYOUtiful because she believes that being beautiful means being yourself, no matter what challenges you endure. At 16 years old Hannah is proving that she can do all that she sets her mind to do, and nothing, not even T1D, can stop her.

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